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Vitruvian HUman

Vitruvian HUman

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Limited Edition of 50 Archival Print on Paper
  • Image size: 12x16" / Paper size: 14x18" 
  • numbered and hand signed 
  • $90 

☞ Tapestry available here.

Vitruvian Human by Amanda Sage

Upon the iron rails of the Peace Train tracks, crowned by the Ace of Cups, The Vitruvian HUman is adorned with the Golden Horn that Holds the Whole And waters the seeds that are sewn into the fabrics of forest blankets, Crystalized wind, stars and flesh.
Flowers flow forth from whence we came...towards HU WE ART.

She stands upon the shining shore of The Dawn Lake of Golden Glass. Animals, Plants, Waters, Fires, and Winds,
Spiral in form and tie together a net of stars
That is our Home which is this Whole Living Earth.

The willow star tears, the dear green meadows, the silk thread web wombs, And fields of sapphires and snow are blown by burn that turns illusion to ash And enlightens and binds us to all that lives and shares in the feast of wonder Which is the Grail Herself...Holy Matter, Wholly Mother...
For whom we art her shining Knights
Gathering around this round table to serve Her as a Hymn.

Our Armor is our Amore.
Our Light is Our Sight.
Our Words are our Swords with which we wield To pierce the veils that blind and confine.

Our see-ing creates the scenes and the cities wherein our eyes settle And where once again all are welcomed home again.
- Joe Bob Merritt

Created in Torri Superiori, Italy and completed in Colorado. 

‘Vitruvian Human’
acrylic, casein & oil on wood 2016

© Amanda Sage

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