Collection: VISION TRAIN

The Vision Train is an ever evolving co-creative project initiated by artist Amanda Sage. ​ ​It evolved through visual story-telling, conversation and various projects since 2011. It is a movement of creative enterprise that spreads seeds of inspiration and opportunity through experimentation and direct impact.

This is a collective vision seeding itself in visionaries all over the world.​ ​We each have our own unique way of describing it​ ​as well as our own personal gifts to create it.

The train brought imperialist civilization to the end of the western frontier.​ ​And in it's wake a fragmented world, filled with injustice and inequality​ ​​with an ever growing gap of the have's and have not's.​ ​It is time for the children of the earth to rise up to design and implement systems​ ​that will empower the generations ahead with tools for a peaceful civilization of humanity​ ​​co-existing with itself and all the other species of animals and plants on earth.

From there we will build a new operating system that honors natural law​ ​and the creative spirit inherent in all.