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Zen Calendar 2024

Zen Calendar 2024

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Astonishing texts, ingenious art, captivating design - the "Zen-meets-Painting" calendar 2024 is an absolute must-have for all art lovers and Zen enthusiasts.

This unique calendar combines the beauty of painting with the deep wisdom of Zen to be your companion for your very own Zen moments.
The "Zen-meets-Painting" calendar 2024 impresses with its powerful and cheeky design that immediately catches the eye. Wow design: Matthias Werschmann, Germany.
Each month features a stunning artwork creation created by renowned and celebrated American artist Amanda Sage. These masterpieces express the essence of Zen in an impressive way and allow you to immerse yourself in a world of happiness, wonder and visions.
But this calendar offers more than just visual pleasure.
Each month features an inspirational text to help you rethink your thoughts and open your mind multidimensionally.

The unique texts by “Zensational” author Bernd M. Selmeier, Germany, are a contemporary source of the unsayable and encourage you to fully unleash your very own Zen-Live.
When meditating, doing yoga and 24/7 in everyday life.
The high-quality workmanship of the "Zen-meets-Painting" calendar 2024 guarantees a long shelf life and allows you to benefit from its beauty all year round.
Each page is printed on high quality paper that keeps the colors of the artwork vibrant and bright.
Let yourself be enchanted by the power and depth of the “Zen-meets-Painting” calendar 2024 and order your copy today. Immerse yourself in the world of painting and Zen and let this extraordinary calendar accompany you all year round.

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