Inspired by a vision, limitless dreams and a prayer for the earth. 
We bring you a series of unique wearable art.

Patterns and images creating a new skin. 
To awaken your body and heart.

Original paintings by artist Amanda Sage, re-mixed into patterns by Shabnam Q,
and printed on recycled fabric made from plastic bottles.

Created in Los Angeles, we are committed to supporting local businesses and environmentally conscious methods of production. 

The ‘Amanda Sage Collection’ (ASC) began as many great ideas do, out of inspired moments with the convergence of kindred spirits.
It is important to note that we were all high off of yoga and raw food at Cheri Rae’s Peace Yoga Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.
It’s in these kinds of places that the best ideas ever are a dime a dozen because people are feeling great, and potential and possibility is everywhere!

This isn’t the first time I have worked with textiles or fashion.
My art career began over 20 years ago when I was painting on t-shirts and denim as a youth, which then developed into years of doing batik.

After I finished high school my desire to study batik took me to Indonesia where I produced tapestries and my first basic clothing line.
Once I turned my focus towards studying classical painting with Michael Fuchs in Vienna, Austria; my fashion and textile work was put on hold.

Now, years later, I find myself in downtown Los Angeles in the fashion district and involved with making wearable art again.
After a good 20 years of painting under my belt, I realized how many visual resources I had created over the years
and that all those paintings could be used as a foundation for creating new textiles.

This is where Shabnam Q comes into the picture.
As an experienced fashion and graphic designer looking for such a project to collaborate on, it was a perfect fit.
Little did I know what I was getting myself into,
as she guided me further down the fashion rabbit hole,
I became ever more aware how massive this new venture was
and how many details go into just one little tank top!

Once we focused in on the vision, the trajectory of action was quite straightforward. 
We have lots of original art, now what do we want to print it on, and what kind of garments do we want to make?
We decided to start with a yoga line, since we all met in a yoga studio.
A kind of second skin active wear concept that can be simultaneously elegant and multi-functional wearable art.

This is when Lana Gurivich, pattern maker extraordinaire, entered the conversation. 

After dozens of samples, patterns and different types of fabric we narrowed down our options with a few things in mind.
Some of the most important aspects to our production are how it is made, with what materials and where.
Once one peers behind the veil of the fashion industry,
it is quite a ruthless business with dollars being cut left and right.

So many people are involved with each production of clothing,
and so much of what we have available to us in the western world
has been produced over seas in massive factories,
often in conditions that would not be approved in the US.

We choose to not cut corners in the quality and integrity of our line,
and we made it a goal to produce our first edition in downtown Los Angeles,
and have continued to do so till today.

Even though it is quite inexpensive to print on newly produced fibers,
so we choose to work with fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.
The fabric we found is produced over seas, though it is the best we could do for sourcing a more sustainable material
while working with the eco-friendly method of heat transfer printing called Sublimation.
By using sublimation we can print a perfect reproduction of an image onto fabric that is permanent.
We are looking forward to turning our attention towards printing on sustainable natural fibers in the coming years.
Each new item is completely tailored and designed with each size scaled in production.
They are small limited editions, with sizes ranging mostly from XS – XL.

We are inspired to continue producing these unique colorful threads
and look forward to further collaborations with other brands and designers, as this project is about so much more... 
It is a project fueled by passion and the desire to bring more beauty to the world.
We hope you enjoy these threads of our creation.

Amanda Sage, Shabnam Q., Lana Gurevich & Gloria Valdez and all the people that have helped along the way!

Special thanks to:
Shabnam Q
Lana Gurivich
Gloria Valdez
Llyn Stransky
JQ Williams - Photography
Steven DeTray - Photography
Mario Covic - Editorial Photography
Scott Byrne - Product Line Photo's
Tas Limur - Photography
Alejandro Gonzalez - Photography
KT Biaz - Photography
Carla Farra - Hair and Makeup
Kayla Strong
Alea Rain
Shakti Shannon
Monica Jain
Kristina Serna
Joerael Elliott
Katharina Pretl
Scatha G. Allison 
Liana Sananda
Chris Ergen
Cheri Rae 
Santino Rice
Patrick Yacoub

All of our partners in L.A 
and all of our friends and fans worldwide