About Amanda Sage Collection

We are transformed, from the painting on the wall to wearable art. 

In 2013 a small group of friends found each other at Peace Yoga Gallery in downtown LA and birthed an inter-dimensional expressive, active & elegant skin clothing line.  
Geared towards a growing populace that is exploring the grander lattice of the pattern of life, these new skins offer a window into a transparent, energetic extension of spirit. 

The patterns and images are created from the visionary artist Amanda Sage’s original paintings, and remixed into unique kaleidoscope patterns by Shabnam Q.
Held into place by the master pattern maker Lana Gurevich.
Produced in Los Angeles, CA we are committed to supporting local businesses while using materials
that have less negative environmental impact then many methods in the garment industry.
We are use 100% recycled fabric made from plastic bottles for the active wear and everything is printed with the eco-friendly method of sublimation. 

The team behind this production are an eclectic group of friends that are all experts in their fields with a deep passion for art, healing, yoga and healthy living.

Expanding from the canvas on the wall and into wearable art, the message comes alive.
It is modular as the story weaves a collective song. These items are symbols of harmony with a desire to feel more divine.
They are here to give a base note to your expression, a spring board to shine from, a magnet for what you want to find you,
that you may witness synchronicity as you become your super hero avatar self.

From one of a kind couture to mass production, we aim to collaborate
with visionary designers in fashion,interior design, product design, architecture and beyond.
This is only the beginning... :)

Amanda Sage - Art
Shabnam Q. - designer/operations + production manager
Lana Gurevich - pattern maker
Gloria Valdez - sales + communications
Collaborations with:
Miss Velvet Cream