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Quantum Yin

Quantum Yin

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Limited edition Archival Print on Paper

  • Hand signed & numbered by artist
  • 18x22.5 inches / Paper: 20x24 inches
  • Edition of 50
  • Prints will be sent in a tube💫

 To see a larger image and read more about the painting go to my website HERE

Original Painting by Amanda Sage
Created in Acrylic, Casein & Oil on Canvas.

The sacred feminine is awakening out of a 2000 year suppression into full glory and bloom. She has always been here, in us and with us, watching over us and answering our prayers. 

This painting is a portrait of a retired Lt. Col. of the US Air Force, mother, wife and intuitive who channels ascended masters, and calls on her guides to support the health and well being of her family, business and beyond.

Created over the full cycle of a calendar year, the painting began on site as a commission and gift from her husband in her family's home in ceremony with her community. One year later it was completed in the same place amidst tremendous growth experienced within all involved, oscillating between deep grief, joy and revelation.

It was a great honor and journey to create this painting for her, her family and as a gift for the world.

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