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Limbic Resonance

Limbic Resonance

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Archival Paper Print

  • Hand signed & numbered
  • image size:18x15 inches / Paper: 21x18 inches
  • edition of 50.
  • $110

Canvas Print

  • Hand signed & numbered
  • image size 30x36 inches with 2" dark border for stretching
  • edition of 33
  • $550
  • *2-3 weeks for shipping**sent in a tube*

☞ Limbic Resonance Tapestry here.

Limbic Resonance by Amanda Sage

I see you seeing me, Seeing me seeing you. Our prayers entwined.

We resonate with HER, Life giving, honoring, nurturing.

We re-member, that Everything is Alive.

We are Peace.

As I bow to you I bow to the eternal essence that is me and you and us. I bow to Mama Tierra and remember all the beings that call her home. I give thanks for water, air and fire.
I bow to the great mystery that is this experience we call life,

I renew my vow every morning to be of service and walk in truth.

Inspired by Cheri Rae and created in downtown Los Angeles.

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