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Limited Edition Archival Paper Print

  • Image size: 11x14" / Paper size: 13x16"
  • Edition of 50
  • numbered and hand signed 
  • $70

☞ Tapestry available here

Arise by Amanda Sage

It is Time,
To rise above the horizon, limiting our imaginations.
It is Time,
To open the heart and allow it to guide.
It is Time,
To burn beyond concepts and trauma through conscious focus.

I salute myself, my mission, and planet earth.
I am reporting to duty and you all are my witness.
I feel the burning of the crown of thorns as the fall of man into sin transmutes into freedom. I see the light grid of hearts connecting into an ever changing life web,
Sparking consciousness as we see our reflections in the stars.

This is what I see. I am transparent, I am unafraid,
I am you.

Created in Italy & Los Angeles.

acrylic , casein & oil on wood 2014

© Amanda Sage

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