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Wise One Bustle

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This Hooded Bustle features a hook and eye closure. Elastic lacing through the eyelets allows for a form fitting shape for sizes 4 through 12 . Stretch Taffeta lines the coat, framing Amanda Sage’s Shaman print. Original runway piece handmade by Domini Anne.

  • Bust fits 30-42 inches.
  • Waist fits 26-42 inches.
  • Hips fits 28-42 inches.
  • Torso length from shoulder to waist: 25 inches.
  • Skirt length is fully adjustable featuring 3 internal ties for bustle skirt.
  • Compressed printed fleece feels like flannel.
  • Taffeta skirt.
  • Hand wash, dry flat.
  • 100% Polyester.

Styled with the Peacock Crown.

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    image credit: Charles SchoenbergerManny Espinoza, Crema Creative Media

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