Evolution Tank Top

$49.00 $70.00

Fit for every occasion, this tank top is a designer collectable intended for a night out dancing, practicing yoga or even just lounging around the house.  Signature lightness and durability make it desirable for the globe-trotter, while the trend-setter stands out by collaborating with art. 

The image on this top showcases the painting 'Evolution' by Amanda Sage.
Each size is graphically scaled by Shabnam Q, and printed so that the XS and XL have the same design.

Limited first Edition of 50.

- Four-way stretch, breathable material is antibacterial and chafe resistant.
- Utilizes sustainable practices including:
        -Eco Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles 79% and 21% spandex.
        -Sublimation Printing saves energy and resources and is long lasting.

    - Original fine art paintings that transcend the canvas. 
    - Hand crafted with Love in Los Angeles.

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