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Mushroom Bloom

Mushroom Bloom

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Limited edition Archival Print on Paper

  • Hand signed & numbered
  • 11x14 inches / Paper: 13x16 inches
  • edition of 50
  • $70

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Mushroom Bloom by Amanda Sage

The mycelium bloom has been ignited through the great virus of change. Each fruit is unique, carrying the key and a cure.

We are these fruits, blooming into a great collective healing From the disease of separation.

The remedy is found through the expression of our love and devotion. One human family in harmonious relationship with all of life.

This painting began at CoSM in 2019 during an exercise of collaboration with 20 other artists through our Mixtek Mystics masterclass
and was completed on the Non-Stop Vision Train Global Art Jam in 2020.

‘Mushroom Bloom’ 11x14”
acrylic, casein & oil on canvas 2020

*Original SOLD*

Mushroom Bloom 2020 is one of the first paintings I started working on during the early days of the Non-Stop Vision Train Global Art Jam. The Corona Virus appeared in the middle and mushrooms started to sprout out of it one by one until there was a bloom of color representing the renaissance of vision within humanity that would blossom out of this time of the great global pandemic of 2020.

Each one of these mushrooms represents one of us as unique blossoms of a mycelial network powerful enough to bring healing and balance if we slow down enough to listen. It is through the full expression of our beauty and originality that we find peace.

The foundation of this piece began in the opening circle of the 2019 Mixtek Mystics painting intensive that Joe Bob Merritt and I led at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, NY in October 2019. As an exercise in spontaneity, creation and destruction, all 21 of us spent 2 minutes drawing on each others panels as we passed them around. It began collaboratively with: Amanda Wolf, Eileen Rose, Baben Brecard, George Perham, Nick D’Angelo, Simone Young, Lacey Vilandry, Sigita Mockute, Ainoha Feldmann, Julia Hoffman, Katherine Downes, Katie Rose Rainbowmaker, Andrew Aven, Christina Lofaro, Hilary Astrid, Daniele Albert, Lesley Burke, Michelle Muller, Veronika Rose and Joe Bob Merritt.

Each of them signed the back and the original carries the spirit of collaboration and community which is the driving force of the Vision Train.
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